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  DJ’s, Bloggern, Journalisten etc. senden wir auch gerne Pre-releases oder hochauflösendes Bildmaterial. Schreibt uns einfach unter info@clarabow.de an.   Hier eine der ersten Kritiken: Clara Bow – Not Now [Bow Records / Smarten Up] Finally it’s done. Hamburg’s ultra-fine Clara Bow are ready to unleash the box full of being-stuck-in-your-ear hits that “Not Now” is. Originally announced for early 2012 and now coming mid-May all twelve songs are crossing over between raw and uncut Garage-influenced Rock(‘n’Roll), Happy-Go-Lucky-Pop without any sellout or mainstream attitude and Indie, straight in your face stuff with an average play time of less than 3 minutes per song which is still more than enough to say it all, seduce your heart and move your ass onto your local Indie dancefloor. At least the first bars of each song  are doing the last mentioned job – immediately. And this is one but not the only reason to add “Not Now” to your collection quickly. Plus: if they’re selling the CD in good rates there are plans to put their album to vinyl as well. Which would be great. Buy!”